Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have a new found obsession! I'm in love with all things Japanese. Ever since arriving in Melbourne, I have been on the look out for good authentic Japanese food. From a roll of good sushi, you can almost sum up the Japanese philosophy. Clean, simple, fresh. I've also grown fond of the culture.

From Malaysia to Australia, I have gained amazing insights into different cultures and a very different lifestyle. I have discovered a more confident self in Australia, embracing the boisterous nature of the people here who are ever more than willing to share their opinions on all matters.

Albeit loving the energetic spirit, I find myself mellowing down. I'm not even sure whether I am allowed to use that word considering I am still very much a neophyte in this world but I do feel a sense of seeking a genteel way of life.

Hence, I have taken up Japanese lessons. I had my very first lesson yesterday and I have never had so much fun learning. I can very well say it was the first time I was excited about homework. The class is small and the centre believes in teaching Japanese the way Japanese would learn it. So, that pretty much means you go into your first class and the sensei starts conversing in Japanese with you. I found the approach very refreshing. None of the patronising stuff where you start learning about "John is a boy. This is a ball. This is John's ball". It was an instant immersion of culture. She would use Japanese to teach us hiragana and repeats the questions in different ways until we see the pattern. Obviously we looked like lost tourists half of the time, trying to decipher these sounds coming out from her mouth. She had the patience of a saint and great body language skills. I reckon I enjoyed it so much because it felt like a good game of charades.

Anyways, I'll leave you with these pictures of our bento boxes before class and a sunflower my sensei drew on my homework for ahem.. excellence in not looking like a complete fool in Japanese 101.

Much love,
Michelle, 14 degrees


  1. I only know words like Baka and NANI???!! (said in a uber dramatic tone). Good stuff there! :)

  2. hey ling ling, you should learn japanese as well. You would probably be ahead of your class with all your previous 'study' :p

    hey c, i know baka but what's NANI? WITH DRAMATIC TONE AS WELL. YOU GOT ME CURIOUS NOW!