Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It ain't easy being a hippie

So, what is a hippie? Flower power? Drugs and rock and roll? Tree hugger?

I never knew what exactly defined a hippie. It’s a fun word to throw around and I may have used it quite loosely at times but having Fitzroy and Carlton as my ‘hood’, I am slowly unveiling the true meaning of a hippie. I can proudly say that I am a hippie wannabe. It’s not so much the dressing or the clichés that I am into but more the philosophy of it. It emphasizes a life of love, freedom and peace. It emphasizes on small changes all individuals can do to make a difference. It emphasizes on not giving into the pressures of big corporations or giving into pressures to conform.

In terms of food (haha I’ve just noticed my blog has a huge food theme), I love the idea of slow food. Slow food as compared to fast food. I try to buy seasonal organic fruits and vegetables as much as I can. I’m trying to cut down on my meat intake and am eating more tofu instead. I try not to buy imported food.

My favourite shop at the moment is the Friends of The Earth Food Co-op on Smith Street. You can read more about what their about here:


I go there at least once a month to stock up on food staples like grains, tofu, milk and peanut butter. Yes, peanut butter is an essential. Do not judge!

I usually bring my grocery bags along as plastic bags are a big no-no but I forgot to the other day. They kindly pointed out that I could use one of the boxes provided. And so I did. Take note that it’s about a 30 minute stroll back to my place. So, there I was, carrying my box, smiling smugly with my pro-earth life choice. 5 minutes in, my nose was itching and I had no spare hand to ease my itch. 10 minutes in, my arms were aching. People were staring. Well, let’s just say my fashion theme for the day was comfort and practicality. And I hit the tipping point. I succumbed. I walked into Woolies, bought a small item and grabbed a few extra bags to bag my other items. And I threw the box away. I THREW THE BOX AWAY, along with my pride and my pro-earth statement. Arghhh, I am ashamed.

I guess I’ll save the earth some other day.

Beautiful, non mass produced peanut butter aka product code 21

Much love,
Michelle, 11 degrees


  1. hey..i am here^^ sorry I didn't reply you message!!DOn't be angry keke( cause i don't use to online after work now so lazy)...you blog looks really good~~clear and fresh~~

    Do you start to learn japanese already??

  2. yimei is here... haha.. how are you!! your blog looks so cool~~~

  3. We have similar shops in HK but the price is like double or triple of the ordinary ones. Not affordable ye~


  4. Hilarious! So you carried your box of stuffs and walked in Woolworths? Haha.. You can always put smile on my face! No imported food = not even Malaysian food??

  5. yi mei: are you BRHK?

    tsang: i try to buy organic esp for certain foods like apples and bananas because the conventional ones seem too "pretty". The glossy perfect apples dont seem natural at all.

    Karen: Im glad to put a smiile on your face! Yes, I carried my box into Woolies. Malaysian food- thats a hard one.