Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Belated Father's Day Dedication

Well, I've written a lil tune to thank my dad for all that he's done. I love you Dadu!

Sorry for the crazy hair flippin' action.


  1. Hi Girl - Terima Kasih . Love You Very Much . Looks like the baby we order from Ebay has grown up to be a pretty and talented lady . Luv U . Your Dadu

  2. Michelle, you're very talented! so proud of you!


  3. richard: aww, im glad youre happy with your purchase dee.

    tracy: thanks mummy tracy. I miss you heaps!

  4. good~~ ^^.i believe i never can do it!! cool~~you play the guider really good!!

  5. So lovely.......... Made me want to cry. Hope it made you cry, Mich-Daddy.

    Cool........... my beautiful niece.

    OO XX from Yoong Yee

  6. yi mei: thank you! im sure you can do it too if youre not so busy pak toh! :p

    TC: xie xie ni

    Ky: haha thanks yoong yee! it's a ploy to get a bigger birthday present this year. hehe. cant wait to see you soon precious aunty!

  7. You're so gorgeous!! Sok ah... Great job Mich! Miss you heaps!