Monday, July 12, 2010

Eat. Pray. Eat

I’m reading the book Eat Pray Love and hoping to finish it by the time the movie screens in cinemas. I’m averaging about 10 pages per week at the moment. I think I’m on track.

It’s no surprise that it’s a bestseller. Elizabeth Gilbert presents such an honest vulnerability and a gamut of emotion. I actually do LOL*, tinkering on a ROFL* at times. The book chronicles her journey of self discovery after a tumultuous divorce where she finds herself eating herself crazy in Italy, finding zen in India and falling in love in Indonesia.

I guess a lot of women can relate to her journey. I can too. The eating part is self explanatory but I’ll explain how I can relate to her as she looks for inner peace. She writes about how she finds it so difficult to be still and achieve zero thoughts while meditating in an Indian ashram.

I’ve been attending Ashtanga Yoga classes for awhile now. It’s a dynamic mix of different asanas and breathing techniques. Artee, our instructor consistently reminds us to focus on our breathing and ‘zone out’ by focussing on a point in front of us. I struggle to turn off my brain chatter. I’m sure I’m not the only one but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Telling myself not to think of anything is just counterintuitive and makes my thoughts race even further from zen island. In front of me is a glass wall with abstract frosted designs on it. I focus on a point and it starts looking like…….char siu pau (BBQ pork bun)! Another part of the class which always makes me chuckle is when we move from a pose where we stand on our toes and drop down into a squat. As the class approaches the squat, you can hear a series of knees going POP…pop..pop…POP POP POP as it resonates through the class. The acoustic memory part of my brain somehow relates that to the sound of juicy charchoal-grilled chicken wings being snapped at the joints. Oh, how I miss home.

Well, it's soup for dinner....again. Sigh.

*for you baby boomers, LOL is abbreviation for laugh out loud and ROFL is abbreviation for rolling on the floor laughing

Much love,
Michelle, 14 degrees


  1. Like your "I love Bun" drawing! But why is the bun bleeding?


  2. Hey, thanks Tracy!The pao is bleeding love. Aiyo it's oozing char siulah. These econs people ahh. Wait finance? Accounts? HR? :p

  3. I'm so sorry but IT IS the bloody scary char siu, please ask non-BBA people and get a fair comment... :P


  4. Of course (i thought), Michelle and food are some how link. Frosted design on glass = Char Siew Pao. Good on Mich! I did LOL as soon as i read the sentence! Hahaha... Hope my housemate didn't hear me!

  5. tracy: eh, phone date ahh.

    karen: im glad you LOLed.aih my foodie buddy how are you? you should try making char siu pau. the pau they sell here not enough 'hum'