Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Dear all,

Winter has officially left us but it almost seems like he (I'll use he as I dont agree with how all the natural disasters are given lady names) is being a big bully and is refusing to let the other kids like Spring have fair play time in the playground.

So, what have I been doing over this winter?

The only thing that makes up for the crazy amount of driving I do with work is the chance to explore suburbs I would otherwise not got to. This is from a shop in Dandenong, home to many Indians and Afghan. The first picture is from a lil restaurant that does lunch, buffet style for $9.50. When I first saw the sign, I was stoked. What a bargain! Then I realised that I only had 5 dishes to choose from. Yet, being the Asian I am, I had 3 servings.! Score!!!

Lovely bento set I had at Yamato, CBD

This is the epitome of great things in small packages. At first glance, you sort of go yea, cute but really, how awesome can it be until you take a bite into one of these babies. The luscious semi-sweet bun encapsulates a liquid gold made of savoury, rich salty egg yolk. At Crystal Jade, CBD

Now, this is amazing home cooked goodness. Cheers to the Seow household.

A Vietnamese entree dish. It comes with different hams, a fresh salad, rice paper rolls and my favourite of the lot, mung bean muffins at Richmond

Pan fried barramundi on a bed of couscous and grilled vegetables at Mocha Joes, Glen Waverly

Now, this sums up winter beautifully. Fresh almond croissant with a cuppa at Sugardough Patisserie, Brunswick. Im not sure why my almond croissant got stabbed. Im quite sure the French wont do that.Where is the élégance ?

Forgot I had a work site assessment the other day. I ran out of clean black socks so I thought I'd pay tribute to the King of Pop.

My palate has obviously enjoyed all the rich and yummy food but my digestive system hasnt. I'm having every foodies nightmare....a sensitivity towards wheat, lactose and other good stuff. So, I'm having a springcleaning of my digestive system so that I can eat all the good stuff when I head back home end of this year. Haha, a bit ironic I know, it's like let's clean the house so that we can mess it up real good later. So, I am currently on a 21 day detox by Dr. Joshi. I did this once last year and felt amazing. It is a detox system based on ayurvedic principles and plain getting back to simple, fresh food. I will be writing about my progress to keep me on track and hopefully inspire some people to have a go at it.

Much love,
Michelle, 11 degrees


  1. How funny.. I was plan to start a vegan detox diet next week. I'm looking forward to it!

  2. thats so cool eileen che che! keep us posted on your blog and do put up any great recipes you come upon. yea, its good when you have a goal ey

  3. I like how you portrayed Winter as this big bully in the playground. How apt! And so true, no one wants him as their playmate! Boooo

    Anyhoo. Hope al iz vell :)

    Hugs your way

  4. thats so cool eileen che che! keep us posted on your blog and do put up any great recipes you come upon. yea, its good when you have a goal ey
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